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HappyCow.net Fan Reviews!

  • “The family & I were in the area visiting IKEA in Charlotte and were hoping to find vegan food in the area & we were really happy & to have found Zizi’s Take Out on HappyCow.net!! The menu was amazing from subs, burgers to salads and wraps – everything we had was really yummy.”
  • “I tried Zizi’s for the first time yesterday & fell in love!! I am new to the Vegan lifestyle & the food here is delicious!! I had the Chicken Cheese Steak, it was sooooo good!! I will definitely add this to the top of my vegan list! Loved it!”
  • “My husband and I went for the Saturday brunch special – cinnamon strawberry french toast, scrambled tofu, sausage and grits. Everything was completely amazing! We both gobbled up the generous portions and were very very happy. We can’t wait to go back, and next time get a few of the frozen meals for later. Great for omnivores too!”
  • “I just had my first Zizi’s experience! I had the Veggie Stir-fry. It was delicious and healthy! I look forward to having this again, and to trying their many other appetizing offerings.”"The people running the place (I assume they are the owners) were friendly and down to earth. I will definitely be going back for more.”
  • “My fiance and I just had Zizi’s for the first time and I am totally impressed. It was better than I thought it would be. I have seen vegan places mess up these kind of menu choices, but Zizi’s really has it down. The food is delicious. I had the cheese steak and my fiance had the italian sausage sub. So good. Am very happy that Charlotte has this wonderful resource.”
  • “This is a vegan and vegetarian MUST. I have no idea how I was vegan for 5 years without this place! haha. its that good. My entire family ordered from here we had Philly cheese steaks, buffalo chick cheese steak, grilled veggie sub, fish and chips, honey bbq wings, and EVERYTHING was great. I am soo impressed. I live 45 minutes away so the only bad thing is that I dont have a place to eat it since it is only take-out. but they deliver! 45 minutes away! cant wait to go back! LOVE IT”
  • “As a vegetarian (aspiring vegan), it’s so refreshing to be able to look at the menu and choose literally anything that I want! At most restaurants I need to read every single last detail about the dish to make sure it was okay for me to eat, but the safety of the all vegan promise is enough for me to write a raving review about this place. That on top of the great food makes me a loyal customer.”
  • “I got take-out dinner here on my way out of Charlotte and can now add my approval to the rave reviews ZiZi’s has received on here. I got the avocado salad and parmless chicken with brown rice and veggies. The salad was very fresh and loaded with fresh veggies and plenty of avocado slices”
  • “Mer, thanks for the help with the directions and your sense of humor. Also, please say thanks to the young lady that assisted me in choosing my selections. I’ll definitely be back and probably SOONER than you think. Lastly, I wish you the best of success and hope you’re able to expand. You’ve got a great thing going!”
  • “When I was younger, my mom used to tell me to be careful of who does your hair & who cooks your food because of the energy that goes in it. Well I don’t have to worry about that with Chef Mer & his staff because there’s ALWAYS good energies when you go in. He really puts positive vibes in dishes such as the Buffalo Wings, the Fish & Chips, & the one close to my heart, the Philly cheesesteak. This is the kind of food & energy I’m used to from leaving Philly. To Chef Mer & the staff of Zizi’s, thank you for bringing me back home.”